Sony LED TVs

Sony is the electronic manufacturing company that in 2013 they set out to change the whole game in the TV industry. The ranges of Sony LED TVs produced are of high-quality and many features. Sony LED TVs have always been of high quality slim and good of the physical design. However, the LED lighting systems have been improved over time. Sony has been using the edge technology since it reduces the cost of production as opposed to local dimming. The widest screens of up to 65 inches are being manufactured by Sony. There is something new that Sony LED TV has which actually give it a competitive advantage over other LED TVs. They have a different lighting system technology. Instead of using edge-backlit, local dimming or direct lighting, Sony LED TV has incorporated another technology in its lighting system referred to as Triluminos color system. This is a backlighting system that uses the Quantum Dots that have the ability to shine a blue LED via green and red optical elements.

Sony has implemented a concept of several color intensity systems to achieve high resolution and quality images. Triluminos is not a software but part of the backlighting systems which has the ability to show natural looking skins at a close up look. Edge LED backlighting is used instead of the local dimming. This means that Sony LED TV has embraced the edge backlight technology. This technology is cheaper compared to local dimming. It also has improved quality of the blacks because it has the ability to turn on and off small portions the lighting system. This means that those sites that do not need lighting are off hence high-quality blacks. Sony LED TV does not show any sign of clouding and gives high resolutions to black and which videos and photos. The scenes that were too bright and would not show deep black in Sony LED TVs are not a problem.

Sony is well experienced in image processing. This evens

the reason why many associate Sony with cameras. However, they have taken advantage of this experience to deliver a high image processing system in Sony LED TVs. Sony image processing technology has been rated as the best technique. Sony LED TV screens to have excellent noise reduction and edge sharpening techniques that do not generally any visible artifacts. In the past, Sony has been known not to be performers when it comes to three dimension TVs. They have managed to come up with perfect color and high contrast three dimension TVs. One of the products KDL- 40W9054 gives images in 3D and they are purchased together with the glasses that give the 3D functionalities.
Smart TV features are the additional features that Sony has added to its Sony LED TVs. This is because smart TVs are trending and having TV box without them disadvantages the production line. Many TV users want to have all at one place. This means that they can watch TV series, the movie on demand, surf internet and play games on their screens. Ports that connect the TV set to other devices such as USB storage, personal computers, and webcams are available. Sony LED TVs offers amazing flexibility to its users.

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